Firmly rooted in saving money through the effective management of energy and water expenses, our focus on managing resources and managing data yields maximized revenue, improved performance, and reduced environmental impact for our customers. JIT Energy Services is committed to supporting our clients in achieving resource efficiency that encourages both profitability and corporate responsibility.

JIT takes pride in developing custom solutions for streamlining the varied and complex challenges that our clients face. Our objective industry expertise allows JIT to effectively partner with utility companies to guide end users through conservation program participation.

We achieve our mission through our broad portfolio of products and services:

Utility Invoice Processing and Energy Reporting
Invoice Acquisition, Accounts Payable Uploads, Invoice Payment, High Use Alerts, Client Web Access, Graphical Charting, Budgets and Accruals, Custom Reports

 Energy Consulting and Project Management
Energy Audits, Utility Bill Audits, Technology Options, Energy Project Management, Measurement and Verification, Interval Data, Tax Exemption and Optimization, Rebate Optimization, Deregulated Energy Procurement

Tenant and Vacant Billing
Sub-Meter Reading, RUBS Allocations, Invoice Generation, Payment Collection, Non-Payment Disconnect, Vacant Unit Cost Recovery

Utility Program Services
Energy Audit Services, Project Implementation Assistance, Commercial Behavioral Programs, Energy Reports and Graphical Charting, Rebate Management, Conservation Goals, EnerChange Program