Below is a simple step-by-step process detailing how to make single online payments.

1. Login to your account. 

2. On the Blue tab, click on “Pay Bill”. 

3. Once you click on “Pay Bill”, then you must select an Account. For most residents who just have one apartment with JIT, they will likely only have one account.

4. Once you select your account, enter the amount you want to pay and press the green “Continue” Button.

5. Select a payment method. If the resident has not already entered the bank account/credit card/debit card they are wishing to use, then they will have to enter that now. Otherwise, they can just select the payment method and move on.

6. After entering your information, hit "continue". 

7. Verify your information. Check in the box that agrees to pay the additional fee (if using a credit card). Then hit “Confirm & Pay”.