JIT Services assists clients in achieving their energy and water conservation goals. With rate optimization services, energy and water assessments, project implementation services, and smart building platform, JIT360, we help our clients realize savings!
Rate Optimization

JIT is able to analyze your utility bills and find instant savings, often without changing your usage at all! Conducting a utility bill audit can often result is identification of billing errors, rate changes, or other savings opportunities. JIT generally provides this service under a shared savings scenario where we are only paid if and when you realize the savings.

Tax Exemption & Optimization

Every state has a set of complicated tax laws which can partially exempt you from paying sales tax on utilities. JIT uses its deep knowledge of utilities and regulations to find those exemptions which lead to refunds and future savings! Our team can provide the energy studies that are often needed to calculate your exemption levels.

Energy and Water Audits

JIT has a talented team of experts that will analyze your facility and determine where you can reduce both energy and water usage. With wasted energy being so common, it is amazing how much JIT can find and how much money you can save.

Energy Project Management

JIT can help you to identify and implement energy projects based on your return on investment criteria, and then can help you report the savings by providing measurement and verification services.

Water Project Management

JIT’s water efficiency team provides analysis and guidance to decrease water consumption through various methodologies such as domestic water system recommissioning and the installation of smart valves.

Smart Building Technology

With its JIT360 platform, building operators can save on energy and maintenance utilizing this digital energy management solution on a SaaS platform. It enables the building manager to make real-time, data-driven decisions at a single building or across a portfolio. Smart management of critical building assets generates a return on investment, reduced energy and carbon use, and enhances ESG practices.