Whether you are an owner or manager of multi-family or commercial properties, JIT Services can maximize your utility cost recovery and take out the hassles of billing. With an experienced staff, JIT is able to relieve the burden of analyzing meters, sending invoices, collecting payment and adjusting for vacancies. You will be amazed at how easy utility management become with JIT!

Sub-Meter and RUBS

Through its JIT Bluestar billing platform, JIT manages the entire billing process when you need to recover utility costs from residents in a multi-family property or tenants in a commercial location. Whether you are billing via submeters or through a RUBS allocation process, JIT provides accurate billing to maximize recovery of utilities and driving down consumption.

Invoicing and Collections

Invoicing across multiple properties can be incredibly difficult when one considers different fees, regulations, taxes, and rates. Outsourcing invoice generation to JIT’s experienced staff offers property owners the assurance of accuracy as well as ongoing monitoring and verification. JIT can either provide collection services on your behalf or feed the resident’s statement and pay the property.

Utility Allowance

Custom utility allowances are an exceptional way to optimize income and recover costs associated with water and energy efficiency upgrades. If the results from the energy consumption model does not benefit the property, there is no cost! This guaranteed process typically has a payback in a few months or less!

Vacant Unit Cost Recovery

JIT can help identify and recover funds when a resident does not place service in their name upon move-in. This can be a daunting task for a property manager and we take much of that hassle away!