Knowing how your facility uses power is a critical step in knowing how to affect and ultimately control it. Monitoring solutions, whether web-enabled or stand-alone on site, serve as exceptional tools for informed decision making. Seeing your facilities’ load curves and understanding what affects them can have tremendous financial benefit.

For example, upon reviewing your load curve you observe  a consistent spike for a few minutes at a certain time of day; this finding can then generate process or load shifting modifications that reduce the spike and your resulting demand costs.

Load profile data can also provide insight into equipment or lights that may be left on during off-hours. A case history illustrates this further; JIT helped a customer proactively assess changes in operations as a result of work that a mechanical constractor performed on site. Analysis revealed that energy use went up after the contractor left, as a result of forgetting to set a program back on a variable frequency dirve (VFD) . Catching this error in a proactive manner saved this customer thousands upon thousands of dollars.

These are just a few examples  of the many benefits of load monitoring. We would enjoy the opportunity to learn about your needs and determine how we can best assist you. Whether you want the monitoring data for management purposes only, or for billing tenant usage, JIT Energy Services can help.