JIT Energy Services can accommodate direct upload into our clients’ accounting systems, thus removing the need for manual data entry – providing a significant reduction in cost and time.  Our billing data feeds have been developed for a broad range of accounting programs, allowing for automated data population of general ledger codes and cost centers. We have worked closely with several of our clients to develop customized data feeds to meet complex tracking requirements and invoice approval processes.

With a small amount of preparation, JIT can provide a test file to determine if your accounting system can receive an automated upload file. The file provides dollar input to the proper cost center and general ledger code and, if applicable, the utility vendor data and other desired parameters.

JIT’s flexibility and experience assures integration with your requirements. Whether you want to outsource the actual payment process or just feed your internal AP system, you will receive online access to view valuable information about your organization's energy use. Contact JIT to explore how this valuable service can benefit your business!